Caterpillar Identification Guide

American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) caterpillar

Common Name: Least Skipper

Genus-Species: Ancloxypha numitor

Host Plants: Various grasses including Marsh Millet, Rice Cutgrass, Cultivated Rice.

Habitat: Edges of streams, ponds, and lakes. This species is rarely found far from water, even when nectaring.

Comments: The Least Skipper is aptly named, as it is the smallest skipper in the state. This skipper is often seen flying very low through tall grasses adjacent to ponds, small lakes, rivers, or streams. It rarely gets higher than a couple feet above the ground as it slowly and somewhat choppily moves through vegetation. It does nectar on a variety of species, but because of its small size, it is more likely to be seen nectaring on much smaller flowers than the larger skippers.