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Wisconsin Gardening

  Curious about Wisconsin native plants? Interested in a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape? Concerned about health and water quality?

  How about adding new plants to attract pollinators, create gardens for cut flowers, or manage difficult soil types. Look through the 'Garden Plans' lists of plants designed to work well in Wisconsin gardens..

  Struggling with nasty pests in your garden? Look through the 'Garden Pests' section for tips and trick on controlling common pests of Wisconsin gardens.

  Wisconsin Pollnators welcomes you and we hope we can satisfy or pique your curiosity. In the pages that follow, we will introduce some basic information on sustainable gardening practices using Wisconsin native plants, shrubs and trees.

What Are Plant Hardiness Zones?

Hardiness zones are geographical areas divided up by climate that can be used to determine where different plants will grow best. The map divides Wisconsin into 5 zones, based on the average annual minimum winter temperature. Each zone is, on average, 10 degrees warmer or colder in the winter than the zone next to it,

Read more:  Plant Hardiness Zones Explained

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