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Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries

Native Plant Nursery

Landscaping with native plants improves the environment. Native plants are hardy because they have adapted to the local conditions. Once established, native plants do not need pesticides, fertilizers, or watering. Not only is this good for the environment, it saves time and money.

Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses helps return the area to a healthy ecosystem. Diverse varieties of birds, butterflies and animals, are attracted to the native plants, thus enhancing the biodiversity of the area. The beauty of native wildflowers and grasses creates a sense of place, both at home and work.

Name/Web Specialities County Phone
Agrecol Native Seed & Plant Nursery A native seed nursery that produces high-quality native seeds, plants, and erosion control systems Rock (608) 223-3571
Aquatic Resources and Glacial Pond Farm Prairie and wetland species Marathon (715) 845-2099
Bluestem Farm Many species of woodland and prairie which are not available from arger growers Sauk (608) 356-0179
Country Wetlands Nursery Wetland, woodland plants, seeds Milwaukee (414) 679-1268
Dragonfly Gardens Focused on native perennials, grasses, ferns, shrubs, and trees to restore native habitats from shoreland, wetlands, and forests Polk (715) 268-4666
A Growing Concern Prairie and woodland species Bayfield (414) 354-1638
Heritage Flower Farm Growing heirloom perennial flowering plants – many rare, all classic Mukwonago (262) 662-3864
Hild Natives
Native plants, seed, and ecopath restoration Pierce (715) 426-5131 (800) 790-9445
J & J Transplant Aquatic Nursery Specializes in propagating, harvesting, and supplying vegetation for environmental and land reclamation Waushara (715) 256-0059
Johnson's Nursery Open to the public! A large wholesale grower of landscape-ready, Midwest hardy native woody plants. Waukesha (262) 252-4988
Kester's Wild Game food Nurseries, Inc. Plantings for wetland, ponds for wildlife Winnebago (920) 685-2929
Kinnickinnic Natives - Native Plant Nursery Features a variety of plants that are native to the Kinnickinnic River area Pierce (715) 425-7605
Midwest Prairies WI. Genotype plants and seeds Jefferson (920) 563-3165
Nature's Nursery Wildflowers, seeds, grass seeds Iowa (608) 795-4920
Oak Prairie Farm Columbia (800) 984-3884
Plantscapes WI. Genotype seeds Dane (608) 223-3564
Prairie Frontier WauKesha (414) 544-6708
Prairie Future Seed Co. Menomonee 262-820-0221
Prairie Nursery, Inc. Wildflower Plants and Seeds; Environmental Consultations; Site Evaluations; Native Planting Installations; Native Planting Marquette (800) 476-9453
Prairie Ridge Nursery/ CRM Ecosystems Woodland, wetland, prairie Dane (608) 437-5245
Prairie Seed Source SE WI. Grass, forbs, seeds, some shrubs Waukesha (414) 673-7166
Reeseville Ridge Nursery Trees, shrubs, vines, woody plant seeds, ground covers Dodge (920) 927-3291
Retzer Nature Center Local genotype seed and plants for projects w/in 50 mi. from Waukesha county line Waukesha (414) 521-5407
Rohde's Nursery Woodland, wetland, prairie plants; designconsultation, restoration Wood (414) 293-4373
Stone Silo Prairie Gardens Specializes in wildflowers and grasses native to the Upper Midwest. Brown (920) 713-2879
Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries Local genotype seed is nursery-grown in beds started from seeds collected ethically on native habitat remnants Green (608) 897-8641
Two Ferns Nursery Offers a diverse selection of native perennials Dane (920) 212-6278
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