Plant with identification label with common name, genus and species

Garden Plant Labels

Looking for some inspiration for plant labels?

Your garden is your pride and joy, and with so many beautiful vegetables and flowers, it can be easy to lose track of what you planted. Garden markers to help you stay organized.

  Features For Plant Labels

Plant with identification marker

Generally speaking, there are a few features to look for in plant labels, depending on what you want to use them for.


This is an obvious point but one that’s easily overlooked. Smaller plant labels can be good for keeping track of seedlings while bigger labels are useful for fully grown plants. If you’re bying online, make sure you check the dimensions.


If you plant to write the plant name on the label, a rough texture on the surface of the plastic or wood makes it easier to write on.


Do you want lots of purely functional labels or do you want them to look good when they’re popped into your window sill herb pots?


In general, garden plant labels should be reusable. Many of garden plants are annuals. The plants change each season. A different plant will be in that spot after the current plant is removed. Chances are you will plant a different variety of tomatoes or peppers next time and need a different label for the new type of plant. Ideally, you should be able to use your plant markers next season.

  Garden Labels Should Last All Season

Keeping accurate records each season is an important part of gardening. Gardeners often learn as much (or more) from failures as from successes. If labels are lost or indecipherable, it’s difficult to document what went well (or not so well) at the end of the season.


  Wooden labels absorb moisture
  Writing tends to bleed on wooden labels
  Wooden labels rot quickly

  Plastic Labels

  Plastic labels are easily lost
  They get brittle and break
  Writing often fades by the end of the season

  Black Metal Labels

  Last all season — these are written on with a white sharpie paint pen.

  Garden Marker Pens

  FarmTek Marker Pen, about $7
  A M Leonard Nursery Marking Pen, about $5
  DP INDUSTRIES Clip Strip Garden Marker Pen, about $6
  U Mark A10 White Paint Marker, about $32
  Brother P-Touch Label Maker, about $34

Garden Marker Systems

GardenMate Large Metal Plant Labels
Garden Marker System

Made of galvanized steel with polished Zinc name plate. Durable and long-lasting. Sturdy 2-foot design makes it easy to relocate around the garden. Size is 11.5 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Simply use a permanent marker pen for weatherproof labelling.

Package of 25, about $25.

FORUP Plant Label
Forup Garden Marker System

Our plant labels is made out of Naturally durable slate stone plant, "Natural" rugged style slate labels with chipped edges, not brittle or snap. Comes with a oil-based white paint pen. If reusing, wipe clean before relabeling.

Package of 10, about $23.

Ugold Garden Plant Copper Label
Ugold Garden Marker System

Durable and waterproof. Sturdy, unobtrusive, good looking, long lasting. Set of 30 copper labels sized 10.5 inches by 6 inches. Ideal for garden and potted plants. If you press really hard with a ball point pen and it indents the copper, so you can read it even when the ink wears off.

Package of 30, about $19.

Emboss-O-Tag Garden Marker System

Double-sided write-on metal labels. These soft aluminum covered tags are easy to use with 6-inch wires. Simply write into the metal using a ball point pen or pencil and your indentation will never wash or fade away. They will never rust, crack or fade.

Package of 50, about $14.

STARTOSTAR Metal Plant Labels
STARTOSTAR Garden Marker Sytem

Set of 30 zinc metal labels made with galvanized iron, waterproof, rustproof, sturdy, corrosion resistance and the color will never change or fade. You can mark it with oil-based pen or print a label with your P-touch and laser jet.

Package of 30, about $25.

Whaline Plastic Plant Labels
Whaline Garden Marker Sytem

Plant tags are made of strong, durable plastic that is not easily broken, has good water resistance, and does not rust as easily as metal tags. The plant labels are so easy to write on the smooth surface with the marker pen.

Package of 100, about $9.

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