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Curious about Wisconsin native plants? Interested in a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape? Concerned about health and water quality?

Wisconsin Pollnators welcomes you and we hope we can satisfy or pique your curiosity. In the pages that follow, we will introduce some basic information on Wisconsin native plants, shrubs and trees.

There are many benefits to gardening with Wisconsin native Plants, whether practiced in place of or in addition to traditional landscaping. The benefits include:

Low MaintenanceL Native plants evolved to grow in local conditions and to predictable sizes. They do not require watering (except during establishment), chemical pesticides and fertilizers, or frequent cutting

Public Health: Traditional landscaping uses large amounts of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, some of which are suspected carcinogens. During rains, these chemicals often run off into public water supplies. Traditional landscaping also contributes to air and noise pollution.

Saves you Money: The cost of maintaining a naturescape is dramatically less than that of a traditional landscape because a naturescape essentially takes care of itself. Wisconsin gardeing with native plansalso save you time - and how valuable is your time?

Water: Thirty percent of consumed water goes to lawns. This water diversion harms the environment, kills fish, and returns polluted water to our streams and rivers. It also costs you on your water bill!

Native Pollinators Sixty percent of the food on your plant is the result of Wisconsin bees and butterflies pollinating plants. These pollinators are in great decline as the result of loss of habitat, use of herbicides and pesticides and other threats.

Song Birds: Our song bird populations having dropped steadily - 5-10%, per year!, depending on the species - for the last several decades, and there is no end in sight. The loss is primarily due to habitat loss.

Join the movement to gardening with Wisconsin natives and reap the many benefits.