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Create a Native Bee Sanctuary

Why Do Plants Produce Nectar?

Where Do Native Bees Go In Winter?

Bumble Bee Buzz Pollination

Bumble Bee Identification Guide

Honey Bee Breeds & Their Features

How To Read A Brood Frame With Short QuizN E W !

Honey Bee Communication: Pheromones

Honey Bee Communication: Waggle Dance

How To Cool Honey Bee Hives In SummerN E W !

XXX-Rated: Honey Bee Sex

Honeydew Honey – A Strong, Dark Honey

Benefits Of Pollen To Bees

Honey Bee Breeds and Their Features

How Do Honey Bees Find Pollen and Nectar

When to Add Supers to a Standard HiveN E W !

Wisconsin Native Honey Bee Species

Fascinating Bee TonguesN E W !

How To Help Bumblebees

Leafcutter Bees: Friendly and Hard-Working

Carpenter Bees


Wisconsin Butterfly Parks and GardensN E W !

Caterpillar AnatomyN E W !

Wisconsin Swallowtail ButterfliesN E W !

Where Did Butterflies Go In Winter?

Butterflies: Host Plants versus Nectar Plants

Butterfly Metamorphosis: How it Works

Butterfly Eggs: All The Details

10 Tips On How To Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Monarchs Return To Wisconsin In May

How To Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Why Do Plants Produce Nectar?


Provide Spring Nesting Materials For Birds

Garden Plan to Attract Hummingirds

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Spring Migration

Other Pollinators

Other Pollinators: Ants

Other Pollinators: Beetles

Other Pollinators: Flies

Hoverflies: Pollinator With Superpowers

Other Pollinators: Mosquitoes

Other Pollinators: Moths

Other Pollinators: Wasps


Fall Garden PlanningU P D A T E D

Fall Leaves: 7 Ways to use them

Wisconsin Native Flowering ShrubsN E W !

What Do Plants 'See'?

Do Plants 'Breathe'?

Establishing A Lawn With Native Grasses

Is Clover Good For Lawns?

Gardening With Wisconsin Native Grasses

Starting Seedlings Successfully

DIY: Tap Maple Trees for Maple Syrup

10 Ways to Protect Plants From Spring Frost

Stabilize Soils With Native PlantsN E W !

Composting: How to Get Started

Vermiculture Composting

Why Are Earthworms Good For Gardens?

Are Earthworms Good Really Good?

Milorganite: Organic Lawn Fertilization

How Soil Biology Affects Your Garden

A Garden Plan to Attract Bees

A Garden Plan to Attract Butterflies

A Garden Plan to Attract Hummingbirds

Fish Emulsion

Mulch Basics

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Humic Acids: Help for Poor Soils

How to Create a Polliator-Friendly Rock Garden

Leaf Mold: Gardener's Gold

Fertilizer Basics: A Tutorial

Protect Trees and Shrubs From Winter Damage


Bat Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Bee Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Bumble Bee Vocabulary Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Botany Vocabulary Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Butterfly Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Butterfly Anatomy Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Caterpillar Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Earthworm Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Fertilizer Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Flower Color Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Flower Pollination Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Fungi and Mushroom Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Honey Bee Anatomy Quiz

Hummingbird Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Ladybug Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Monarch Butterfly Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Native Flower ID Quiz: Test Your KnowledgeN E W !

Native Tree Leaf ID Quiz: Test Your KnowledgeN E W !

Other Pollinators Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Photosynthesis Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Pollinator Color Preferences Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Praying Mantis Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Quiz: Do You Know Your Roots?

Soil Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Tree Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Type of Pollination Quiz: Bird, Insect or Wind

What's the Difference Between a Moth and a Butterfly?


Why Are Flowers So Colorful?

Wisconsin Native Fruit Trees

Wisconsin Native Berry Shrubs

Wisconsin Native Culinary Herbs

8 Native Phlox Species

Bringing Back Wisconsin Native Thistles

14 Wisconsin Native Violets

8 Wisconsin Native Ferns

8 Dandelion Recipes

Why Do Plants Produce Nectar?

How Plant Leaves Work

Why Don't Plants Freeze In Winter?

Coreopsis: Fool Proof Native Plant

Pollinator Friendly Trees

How to Harvest, Root and Plant MilkweedUPDATED

Native Plants: Know Your Roots

Pollinator-Friendly Ground Covers

Early Blooming Plants for Pollinators

Edible Native Plants For Your Garden

Create A Native Plant Shade Garden

Wood Wide Web: How Fungi Shape Our Forests


YIKES! Invasive Jumping WormsN E W !

Voles, Both The Good and The Bad

Groundhog or Woodchuck: Facts, Photos and Contro

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Lawn and Garden

All About Aphids & Their Control

Quick Tips

Using Native Plants For TeaN E W !

Spring Perennial Garden Fertilization

Spring Pruning

How To Save Water In The GardenN E W !

How To Use Epsom Salts In the Garden

Starting Seedlings Successfully

How To Use Bananas In the Garden

How To Monitor Soil Moisture In The GardenN E W !

Annual Management of Bee Houses

How To Use Coffee Grounds In the Garden

How To Use Eggshells In the Garden

How To Use Rooting Hormones

Do-It-Yourself Safe Pesticides

Beneficial Insects

Damsel Flies and How To Attract Them


Green Lacewings: Aphid Killer


Praying Mantis

7 Benefical Insects


Healthy Soil, Human Health

Climate Change: Impact on Bees & Crop Pollination

Climate Change: Changes In Natural Habitat

Climate Change: Impacts on the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan Warming: Climate ThreatsN E W !

Growing Corn Is Changing The ClimateN E W !

Common Garter Snake: The Gardener's Friend

Wisconsin Native Salamanders

7 Dandelion Recipes