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  Reference Articles

This sectuib contains an extensive catalog of reference articles on topics such as Native Pollinators, Wisconsin Native Plants, Beekeeping, Sustainable gardening and much more.

  Climate Change

This section contains a catalog of reference articles on climate change and how those changes impact Wisconsin.


This section contains a calendar of events in Wisconsin including gardening, nature walks and State park events.


Wisconsin Pollinators publishes a bi-weekly newsletters with tons of interesting areticles on polllinators and gardening. There are over 2 years of newsletters in the catalog.


Over 75 just-for-fun quizes on a wide range of nature-related topis. Take the quiz and see your score. Share the quizes with family and friends.

Fertilizer Quiz

Reference Articles

There is a large library of articles on pollinators, native plants, sustainable gardening, pest management and over 20 fun quizes.

Plant Roots

2021 Newsletters

Catch up on the content of all of the bi-monthly newsletters for 2021 – reference articles, quizes, local events and much more!

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Climate Change

Wisconsin’s climate is changing. A wealth of data provide evidence that on average our state has become warmer and wetter.

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