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2021 Newsletters

 Wy Do Leaves Change Colors?
 Wisconsin Native Sunflowers
 How To Assemble A Langstroth Hive
 7 Ways To Use Fall Leaves
 Pest: Forest Tent Caterpillar
 Test Your Knowledge - Poison Ivy Quiz
 Where Do Bees Go In Winter?
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 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Fall Migration
 Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration
 Time To Think About Fall Fertilization
 Can Bees Learn?
 Fall Mason Bee House Care
 Test Your Knowledge - Mosquito Quiz
 Ordering Plants Thiss Fall
 Removing Unwanted Honey Bee Colonies
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 How Does Honey Get Its Color
 Wisconsin's Pesky Ticks
 How To Propagate Milkweed-Help Monarchs
 Wisconsins Native Thistles-The Good Guys
 September Beekeeping Tasks
 Test Your Knowledge - Flower Nectar Quiz
 Watching Butterflies In The Fall
 Eastern Monarchs Fall Migration Update
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 Enter to WIN: Complete Comment Card
 Drones: Honey Bee "Bad Boys"
 Mushroom Biology: Structure and Function
 Protect Trees/Shrubs From Rabbits and Deer
 Why You Should Plant Goldenrod
 August Beekeeping Tasks
 Test Your Knowledge - Botany Vocabulary Quiz
 How To Use Epsom Salts In The Garden
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 Enter to WIN: Complete Comment Card
 Wisconsin Native Fruit Trees
 Stinging Nettle: Handle With Care
 Protect Trees From Summer Heat Stress
 Sandy Soil Garden Plant & Plant List
 How To Collect and Store Seeds
 Test Your Knowledge - Earthworm Quiz
 How To Use Eggshells In The Garden
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 Poison Ivy: The Plant Nobody Wants
 Cuckoo Bumble Bees: Social Parasites
 Why Farmers Should Love Lightning
 What To Like About Earthworms
 Pollinator-Friendly Native Grasses
 Test Your Knowledge - Flower Pollination Quiz
 How To Use Banana Peels In The Garden
 DIY Control Ants Naturally
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 Managing Roadsides For Pollinators
 When To Add Beehive Supers
 How To Help Beneficial Fungi
 Butterfly Wings: Structure, Color & Function
 Pollinator Friendly Ground Covers
 Test Your Knowledge - Red Fox Quiz
 How To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden
 Wisconsin Native Bumble Bees
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 Send A Letter to WI Dept of Transportation
 Create A Native Herb Garden
 The Elusive Red Fox: Wisconsin Native
 Honey Bee Communication: Pheromones
 Caterpillar Identification and Profiles
 Test Your Knowledge - Praying Mantis Quiz
 Honey Bees: Adding Hive Supers
 Asters - One for Every Garden
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 Send A Letter to WI Dept of Transportation
 Wisconsin Butterfly Parks and Gardens
 Emerald Ash Borer: Biology and Control
 Honey Bee Communication: Waggle Dance
 Garden Plant Labels: Easy-to-use Products
 Test Your Knowledge - Bat Quiz
 Honey Bees: Adding Hive Supers
 How Do Butterflies Date?
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 Hummingbirds Return In May
 Oak Wilt Disease: Facts and Control
 Tasty Dandelion Recipes
 Praying Mantis: Lion of the Garden
 Spring Perennial Garden Fertilization
 Test Your Knowledge - Dandelion Quiz
 Garden Plan For Clay Soils
 Purple Flowering Raspberry: A Versatile Flowering Shrub
 Firefly Watch: Citizen Monitoring
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 Cicada Mania In Wisconsin?
 Help Bumble Bees In Spring
 Protect Your Garden From Spring Frost
 What Is A Rain Garden?
 Fireflies - They Need Your Help!
 Text Your Knowledge - Turtle Quiz
 Monarch Butterfly Migration & Life Cycle
 Volunteers Needed: Monarch Conservation
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 Native Roses For Mother's Day
 Cranberries — A Native With An Important Cultural History
 Beekeeping In May
 Aphid Control With Green Lacewings
 Native Bee Houses - Get Them Ready!
 Text Your Knowledge - Fertilizer Quiz
 What's So Special About Native Plant Roots?
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 How Do Bees Fly?
 Nestbox Spring Cleanup - Yes or No?
 Disease Resistant Stately American Elms
 Design A Garden To Provide Dried Flowers
 Wisconsin Native Turtles
 Test Your Knowledge - ID Native Tree Leaves Quiz
 Monarchs Return To Wisconsin In May!
 Monardas — Pollinator Favorites
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 Profile of the American Hodag
 Trees For Bees: Help Native Bees
 Beekeeping In April
 Wisconsin Native Fruit Trees
 Test Your Knowledge - ID Native Flowers Quiz
 Butterfly Chrysalis — The Inside Scoop
 How To Green-Up Your Lawn This Spring
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 Ladybugs: How To Use Them In Your Garden
 Provide Spring Nesting Materials For Birds
 Bumble Bees Do It — Buzz Pollination
 Cut Flowers Garden Plan
 Test Your Knowledge - Honey Bee Drones Quiz
 How Do Butterflies Fly?
 Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries
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 Songbird Garden Plan
 Getting Ready For Spring - 10 Tips
 Stratification Guide To Break Seed Dormancy
 Test Your Knowledge - Rabbits and Hares Quiz
 DIY: How To build A Bumble Bee House
 Thinking About Starting Plants Indoors?
 Beekeeping In March
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 Wisconsin Native Squirrels
 Just Added - 8 New Spring Plants
 Helping Butterflies This Spring
 Test Your Knowledge - Groundhog Quiz
 Create A Native Bee Sanctuary
 Join Project 'Feeder Watch'
 Favorite Local Online Native Plant Nurseries
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 Should You Order Mason Bee Coccoons
 Feb 2nd: It's Groundhog Day
 Beneficial Organism: Nematodes
 Test Your Knowledge - Honey Bee Diseases
 Benefiical Insect: Assassin Bug
 Spring Pruning: Evergreens, Fruit Trees & Flowering Shribs
 Beekeeping In February: Task List
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 Garden Planning Tools: Get Set For Spring
 Beneficial Nematodes - How They Help
 Test Your Knowledge - Hummingbirds Quiz
 The 2020 Gardening Bookshelf
 Why Not Try Tapping Maple Trees This Spring
 Wisconsin Native Rabbits and Hares
 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug | Invasive Pest
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 All About Pollination - Part 2
 Native Phlox - A Species for Every Season
 Test Your Knowledge - Wisconsin Owls Quiz
 Additions For Your Butterfly Library
 Butterflies: Understanding Host Versus Nectar Plants
 Beekeeping In January - Brrrr
 Plant Markers - Organize Your Garden
 Social Distancing Got You Down?
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2020 Newsletters

 All About Pollination - Part 1
 Heart-leaved Golden Alexander - Spring Beauty
 Test Your Knowledge - Bee Anatomy Quiz
 Additions For Your Bee Library
 How Do Butterflies Emerge From A Chrysalis
 Picture This Plant ID Phone App
 Social Distancing Got You Down?
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 Storing Your Garden Harvest Safely
 Beekeeping In December
 Quiz: Do You Know Your Roots?
 How To Lower Your Soil pH
 Bee Basics: Native Bee Nutrition
 Wisconsin's 5 Resident Owls
 Bee Smart Pollinator Phone App
 Social Distancing Got You Down?
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 The Problem With Honey Bees
 2020 Most Popular Articles - Top 10
 Flower Pollination Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Leave The Leaves To Benefit Wildlife
 English Sparrow: Invasive Species
 Floral Fragrance: Making Scents
 Social Distancing Got You Down?
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 North American Wild Turkey
 Prepare Beehives For Winter
 Native Turkey Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 The Trees Are Talking: Wood-Wide-Web
 Yellow Trout Lily: Spring Ephemeral
 Native Wild Rice: Ojibwe Cultural Icon
 Social Distancing Got You Down?
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 Hoverflies: Native Bee Mimics
 Why Do Plants Produce Nectar?
 'Other' Pollinators Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Leaf Mold: The Gardener's Friend
 Beavers: Natures Hydrogist, Part 2
 Carolina Rose
 What Happens To Soil In Winter?
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 Solitary Bees: Fall House Care
 How Climate Change Is Affecting Butterflies
 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Winter Salt
 Beavers: Nature's Hydrologist, Part 1
 Garter Snake Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Naive Thistles: Not All Thistles Are A Problem
 Autumn Leaves: Tons of Leaves
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 Where Do Bees Go In Winter?
 How To Protect Plants From Winter
  Wisconsin Winters Are Changing
 Why Don't Plants Freeze In Winter
 Where Do Butterflies Go In Winter?
 Great Lakes Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Attract Butterflies To Your Garden In Fall
 Bumble Bees Have A Favorite Color
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 7 Ways To Use Fall Leaves
 Solitary Bee Nests
 Japanese Beetles: Identify & Control
 Ant Quiz
 Where Do Butterflies Go In Winter?
 Tips On Fall Leaf Mulching
 How To Fertilize Lawn and Garden In Fall
 Provide Overwintering For Bees & Butterflies
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 Monarch Butterfly Fall Miagration
 Honey Bee Drones: The Ectasy and the Agony
 Why Do Leaves Change Color In Fall?
 Caterpillar Anatomy Quiz
 Neonictonoids: Toxic Effects On Pollinators
 Comfrey: The Many Reasons Why
 Forest Bathing (Swimsuit Optional)
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 Weird World of Bee Tongues
 Is Clover Good For Lawns
 Mosquito Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Corn Production Is Changing The Climate
 Harvesting Milkweed, Seed Collection and Planting
 Caterpillar Anatomy, The Basics
 Beekeeping: Managing Beehive Robbery
 Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly Read Full Text
 YIKES! Invasive 'Jumping Worms'
 Mason Bees: The Gentle Pollinator
 Pollinator Color Preference Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Using Native Plants For Teas
 Hot Summer Blues: Keep Plants Moist
 15 Native flowering Shrubs
 Lake Michigan Warming: Climate Threats
 Beekeeping: Reading Brood Frames
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept Of Tansportation
 How Do Flowers Get Their Colors?
 DIY Bee Watering Station
 Native Tree Leaf ID Quiz: Test Your Pollinator Knowledge
 Garter Snakes: A Gardeners Friend
 Hot Summer Blues: Keep Plants Moist
 Swallowtail Butterflies: 7 Native Species
 11 Pollinator-Friendly Ground Covers
 Have You Read These Plant Guides?
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept Of Tansportation
 Are Earthworms Really Good?
 Keep Your Beehive Cool In Summer
 Native Flower ID Quiz: Test Your Pollinator Knowledge
 Organic Gardening: Peat Sphagnum Moss
 Stabilize Soils In Your Garden
 Secret Life Of Butterfly Eggs
 WI Butterfly Parks and Gardens
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept Of Tansportation
 Do Plants 'Breathe'?
 When To Add Supers To Your Hive
 Monarch Butterfly Quiz: Test Your Pollinator Knowledge
 Garlic Mustard: Invasive Plant
 12 Water Saving Tips For Your Garden
 Praying Mantis: Beneficial Insect
 WI Butterfly Parks and Gardens
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept Of Tansportation
 Hoverflies: Pollinators With Superpowers
 Establishing A Native Grass Lawn
 Bat Quiz: Test Your Pollinator Knowledge
 Milorganite Versus Commercial Fertilizers
 Lavender Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum
 Honey Bee Communication: Waggle Dance
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 Pruning Plants in Spring
 Pollinator-Friendly Native Trees
 Fertilizer Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 Plant Miklweed - Help Monarch Butterflies
 Fish Emulsion: Organic Fertilizer
 Gardening With Green Lacewings
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 8 Dandelion Recipes
 Perennial Garden Fertilization In Spring
 Preying Mantis Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
 11 Pollinator-Friendly Native Grasses
 Get Rid of Ants Naturally
 Native Bee Identification Guide
 Spring Azure Blue Butter
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 Monarchs Return To Wisconsin In May
 Voles - Both The Good and The Bad
 Quiz: What's the Difference Between a Moth and a Butterfly?
 7 Beneficial Insects
 Books On Bees For Kids
 Gardening With Molasses
 Dust Off Your Hummingbird Feeder
 Hummingbird Nectar: Directions/Cautions
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 Leafcutter Bee, Nature's Architect
 All About Aphids & How To Control Them
 Honey Bee Vocabulary Quiz
 How To Build A Bumble Bee House
 Great Spangled Fritillary-Loves Native Violets
 Epsom Salts, Garden Uses
 13 Native Culinary Herbs - Eat Wild
 Baltimore Orioles Are Pollinators Too
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 Spring Nesting Material For Birds
 Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries
 Basic Botany Vocabulary Quiz
 Wisconsin Native Salamanders-Woodland Secrets
 Native Bee Houses-Get Them Ready!
 Carolina Larkspur-Bumble Bee Spring Favorite
 Attract Butterflies To Your Garden
 Bumble Bees Beeline For Violet-Colored Flower
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 DIY: How To Start Seeds Indoors
 Soil Health Links To Human Health
 Ladybug Quiz
 14 Native Violets: Delicate Spring Beauties
 Plant List To Attract Butterflies
 Upcoming Events
 Black and Gold Bumble Bee, Bombus auricomus
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 Wisconsin Native Berry Shrubs
 DIY: Tap Maple Trees For Maple Syrup
 Earthworm Quiz
 Climate Change Impacts on Bees and Crop Production
 Plant Root Systems: Go Native
 Beekeeper Tips: March
 Upcoming Events
 Extra-Floral Nector: Plant Defense Against Predators
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 Wisconsin Native Fruit Trees
 DIY: 7 Garden Safe Pesticides
 Butterfly Anatomy Quiz
 Quick Tip: Coffee Grounds In The Garden
 Bringing Back Native Thistles
 Beekeeper Tips: February
 New: Events Calendar
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 Groundhog or Woodchuck: It's Their Day Today
 Tiny Earthworms Big Impact
 Tree Quiz
 NEW! Events Calendar
 Quick Tip: Bananas In the Garden
 Painted Lady Butterflies, Vanessa cardui
 Protect Your Plants From Spring Frosts
 Little Bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium
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 2020 Beekeeping Classes
 'Other Pollinators' Quiz
 Fireflies: Beneficial Insect
 Quick Tip: Eggshells in the Garden
 Annual Care of Bee Houses
 Rooting Hormone: When & How To Use It
 Rattlesnake Master, Eryngium yuccifolium
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