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2023 Newsletters

 Ruby Throated Hummingbird Fall Migration
 Wisconsin's Cranberries
 Beekeeping In September
 Test Your Knowledge: Ant Quiz
 Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration
 Gardening With Milorganite
 Fall Garden Planning
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 Bumble Bee Identification Guide
 Varroa Mites: Biology and Treatment
 Attracting Butterflies In Fall
 Test Your Knowledge: Great Lakes Quiz
 Climate Change: Lake Michigan Warming
 Make Leaf Mold This Fall: Gardener's Gold
 Fall Garden Planning
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 Wisconsin's Native Snakes
 Plant Search: Search Special Features
 Dog Poop: Environmental Concerns
 Test Your Knowledge: Garter Snake Quiz
 Poison Ivy: Identification, Features & Treatment
 How To Propagate Milkweed
 Fall Care For Mason Bees
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 Wisconsin's Butterfly Parks
 What Are Pollinator Color Preferences
 Bring Back Native Thistles
 Test Your Knowledge: Beaver Quiz
 Butterfly Diet: What They Need
 Tutorial: Bee Hive Entrance
 Mushroom Biology
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 Identify That Caterpillar
 Another Butterfly Magnet: Blazing Star
 Firellies: Iconic Summer Insect
 Test Your Knowledge: Caterpillar Quiz
 Why Avoid Insecticides
 How To Build A Rain Garden
 Peat Moss: Soil Amendment
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 Lantana: Butterfly Magnet
 Garden Slugs: Biology and Control
 Honey Bees: It's Swarm Season
 Test Your Knowledge: Rabbits Quiz
 Emerald Ash Borer
 Cuckoo Bees: Social Parasites
 Wisconsin's Native Rabbits
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 How Do Butterflies Date?
 12 Wisconsin Native Asters
 Wisconsin Native Rabbits
 Test Your Knowledge: Rabbits Quiz
 How Light Affects Plant Growth
 Cuckoo Bees: Social Parasites
 Emerald Ash Borer: Biology and Lif Cycle
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 It's Spring And They're Back: Ants
 Spring Lawn Care
 Difference Between Host And Nectar Plants
 Test Your Knowledge: Ant Quiz
 Honey Bee 'Waggle Dance'
 Wisconsin Native Violets
 Should You Clean Bird Nestboxes
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 'No Mow May' - Help For Bees
 Monarch Butterflies Return In May
 9 Dandelion Recipes
 Test Your Knowledge: Hummingbird Quiz
 YIKES! Jumping Worms
 Pollinator-Friendly Ground Covers
 Dust Off Your Hummingbird Feeder: They're Here
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 How Do Rainstorms Affect Honey Bees?
 Butterfly Metamorphosis
 Native Goldenrods: Food For Bees
 Test Your Knowledge: Earthworm Quiz
 Join A Beekeeping Club This Spring
 Are Earthworms Beneficial?
 Mosquito Season Is Around The Corner
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 Bird Nesting Materials
 Understanding Hardiness Zones
 Help Bumble Bees In Spring
 Test Your Knowledge: Fungi Quiz
 How To Use Rooting Hormones
 Pussy Willow: Early Spring Food For Bees
 What Is A Rain Garden - and how does it work?
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 Create A Native Plant Herb Garden
 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 Water Pollination: How It Works
 What Do Native Bees Eat?
 Test Your Knowledge: Bee Quiz
 Add Native Grasses To Your Garden
 Beekeeping: March Task List
 Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries
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 Spring Frost Protection
 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 Eastern Monarch Population Numbers
 Wind Pollination
 Test Your Knowledge: Northern Cardinal Quiz
 Add Thimbleberries To Your Garden
 Spring Pruning: Here's How
 Northern Cardinal - A Flash Of Red
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 How To Tap Maple Trees
 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 How Wind Affects Plants
 Create A Habitat For Native Bees
 Test Your Knowledge: Badger Quiz
 Add Lupines To Your Garden
 Starting Plants Indoors This Spring
 How Snow Benefits Plants
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 Wisconsin's Native Roses
 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 7 Beneficial Insects
 Beekeeping: February Tasks
 Test Your Knowledge: Turtle Quiz
 How To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden
 Wisconsin's Native Turtles
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 February 2nd: It's Groundhog Day
 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 The Problem With Honey Bees
 Beneficial Nematodes
 Test Your Knowledge: Groundhog Quiz
 How To Use Bananas In The Garden
 Climate Change: How It Affects Wisconsin Winters
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 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes
 Blazing Star Perennials: Butterfly Favorites
 Honey Bee Breeds: Which Is Best For You
 Beekeeping: January Beekeeping Tasks
 Test Your Knowledge: Red Fox Quiz
 The Elusive Red Fox
 How Do Butterflies See The World?
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2022 Newsletters

 Why Don't Plants Freeeze In Winter
 Other Pollinators: Ants
 Opossums: What's Not To Like
 Think Spring! Garden Planning Tools
 Test Your Knowledge: Opossom Quiz
 Benefits of Mychorrhizal Fungi
 Garden Plan Fr Spring Blooms
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 Wisconsin's Native Owls
 How Do Butterflies Emerge From Chrysalis
 Beekeeping: December Task List
 Beekeeping: How To Assemble A Langstroth Hive
 Test Your Knowledge: Owl Quiz
 Cardinals: Winter's Bright Red Visitors
 Sandy Soil Garden Plan
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 Alternatives to Salt De-Icing
 Hoverflies: Native Bee Mimics
 Wisconsin Beavers: Nature's Hydrologist
 Beekeeping: Nucleus Colony Versus Package of Bees
 Test Your Knowledge: 'Other' Pollinators Quiz
 Benefits of Soil Inoculants
 Attracting Songbirds Garden Plan
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 It's Turkey Time! Wisconsin Native Turkeys
 Native Cranberries and Pollinators
 Beekeeping: November Tasks
 Stink Bugs: All You Need To Know
 Test Your Knowledge: Turkey Quiz
 The Sex Life of Flowers
 Woodland Flowers Garden Plan
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 Cold Frame Gardening
 What's Happening With Soil In Winter?
 Why Do We Carve Pumpkins On Halloween?
 Wisconsin Pesticide Registry
 Test Your Knowledge: Praying Mantis Quiz
 Wisconsin's Native Wild Rice
 Tree Communication: Wood Wide Web
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 Understanding Hardiness Zones
 Fall Is A Great Time To Plant
 Beekeeping: October Tasks
 Where Do Butterflies Go In Winter
 Test Your Knowledge: Photosynthesis Quiz
 Should You Feed Native Bees
 Leaf Mold: Gardener's Gold
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 How to Prepare and Eat Acorns
 Protect Trees and Shrubs From Winter
 Beekeeping: Prepare Hives For Winter
 Why Do Leaves Change Color?
 Test Your Knowledge: Tree Leaf ID Quiz
 Wisconsin Native Grasses
 Where Do Native Bees Go In Winter?
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 7 Ways To Use Fall Leaves
 Fall Care For Mason Bees
 Beekeeping: How To Move Beehives
 Hummingbird Fall Migration
 Test Your Knowledge: Mason Bee Quiz
 Wisconsin Native Ground Covers
 Why Are Hummingbirds Such Jerks?
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 Enter To WIN: Complete Our Comment Card
 Climate Change Is Affecting Bees
 Voles: Both The Good And The Bad
 Fall Garden Fertilization
 Test Your Knowledge: Squirrel Quiz
 Wisconsin Native Squirrels
 Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration
 Sandy Soil Garden Plan With Plant List
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 Enter To WIN: Complete Our Comment Card
 Hummingbird Sex: XXX-Rated
 Native Phlox: A style for every garden!
 Beekeeping: Monitor Beehive Entrance
 Test Your Knowledge: Flower Nectar Quiz
 Fall: A Great Time To Plant
 How To Propagate Milkweed: Help Monarchs
 How Does Hoeny Get Its Color?
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 Wisconsin Badger: Our State Symbol
 Beneficial Insect: The Firefly
 Native Asters: 12 Fall Beauties
 Beekeeping: August Task List
 Test Your Knowledge: Badger Quiz
 Bumble Bee Identification: Wtih Drawings
 Butterfly Wings: How Butterflies Flutter
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 Growing Corn Is Changing The Climate
 Bloodroot: Lovely Spring Ephemeral
 Beekeeping: Stop Beehive Robbery
 Wisconsin Butterfly Parks And Gardens
 Test Your Knowledge: Earthworm Quiz
 How Earthworms Benefit Your Garden
 Luna Moth: Wisconsin's Largest Moth
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept of Transportation
 Asters: Late Season Food For Pollinators
 Beekeeping: Cool Hives From Sommer Heat
 Butterfly Metamorphosis: The Egg Stage
 Is Clover Good For Lawns?
 Test Your Knowledge: Caterpillar Quiz
 The Problem With Honey Bees
 Protect Trees And Shrubs From Summer Heat
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 Please Help: Send A Letter to WI Dept of Transportation
 Native Thistles: The Good Guys
 Beekeeping: When To Add Hive Supers
 NEW! Wisconsin Events
 Wisconsin Native Turtles
 Butterfly Sex: XXX-rated
 Test Your Knowledge: Mosquito Quiz
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 Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week
 Impact of RoundUp on Pollinators
 NEW! Wisconsin Events
 How To Get Rid of Ground Nesting Bees
 Clay Soil Gardening With Plant Recommendations
 YIKES! Invasive Jumping Worms
 Test Your Knowledge: Native Turtle Quiz
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 Springtime Ants: They're Moving In
 Bee Stings: Facts and Treatment Options
 NEW! Wisconsin Events
 Wisconsin Native Snakes
 Spring Lawn Care
 Beautiful Wisconsin Native Violets
 Test Your Knowledge: Garter Snake Quiz
 Do-It-Yourself: Butterfly Feeder
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 8 Dandelion Recipes
 Save The Bees 'No Mow May'
 Native Bee Parasites
 Spring Perennial Fertilization
 Beautiful Wisconsin Native Grasses
 Test Your Knowledge: Fertilizer Quiz
 How Do Butterflies See The World?
 Native Pollinators: Not Just Bees and Butterflies
 NEW! Wisconsin Events
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 NEW! Wisconsin Events
 Hummingbirds Return to Wisconsin
 How Do Bees Make Honey?
 April Beekeeping: Task List
 How To Control Aphids
 Butterfly Diet: How Do They Feed?
 Test Your Knowledge: Native Flower ID Quiz
 How To Stabilize Soils
 Pussy Willows: Food For Early Emerging Bees
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 Wisconsin Native Bumble Bees
 Add Ferns To Your Shade Garden
 Provide Spring Nesting Materials For Birds
 Bee Vision: What Do They See?
 Protect Plants From Freezing Temps
 Test Your Knowledge - Native Fern Quiz
 Why Are There Bees At Your Bird Feeder?
 Garden Plan To Attract Songbirds
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 Butterfly Sex: XXX-Rated
 How To Tap Maple Trees For Maple Syrup
 Spring Cleaning For Bird Nestboxes
 Native Plant Herb Garden
 How To Assemble A Langstroth Hive
 Test Your Knowledge - American Robin Quiz
 Getting Started With Spring Garden Cleanup
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 Starting Plants From Seed Indoors
 Nucleus Colony Versus Pacage Bees
 It's Time Fro Spring Pruning
 Why Are Plant Exudates Important?
 Solitary Bee Nesting Behavior
 Test Your Knowledge - Fertilizer Quiz
 Humic Acid: Help For Poor Soils
 Beekeeping In March: Task List
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 Native Roses For Valentine's Day
 Not All Nitrogen Is The Same
 Native Wild Hyacinth
 Honey Bee Breeds: Choose the Right Stock
 How Do Butterflies Fly?
 Test Your Knowledge - Owls Quiz
 Wisconsin's 5 Resident Owls
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 Feb 2nd: It's Groundhog Day
 The Problem With Earthworms
 February Beekeeping: Task List
 Plant List: Spring Garden Plan
 Compost Tea: Getting Started
 Test Your Knowledge - Groundhog Quiz
 Climate Change and Wisconsin Winters
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 18 Native Flowering Shrubs
 Introduction to Soil Nematodes
 The Problem With Honey Bees
 Soil Aggregates: Basis For Soil Structure
 Understanding Pollinator Color Preferences
 Test Your Knowledge - Hummingbird Quiz
 How Earthworms Benefit Your Garden
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 Why Don't Plants Freeze In Winter?
 Getting Started: Cold Frame Gardening
 Butterfly Life Cycle: Caterpillar
 Beekeeping In January: B-r-r-r-r
 Other Pollinators: Ants
 Test Your Knowledge - Caterpillar Anatomy Quiz
 What Is Soil?
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