White Dolls Eyes, Actaea alba

White Dolls Eyes

Actaea alba

Sun Shade:
Bloom Time: Late Spring/Early Summer
Zones: 3, 4, 5
Soil Conditions: Clay, Loam, Sand
Soil Moisture: Medium
Color: White
Fragrance: Yes
Height: 1 - 2 feet
Spacing: 1 - 2 feet

White Dolls Eyes requires a rich soil with plenty of humus. Its bright white berries and lush foliage make this plant a woodland standout. This tough plant thrives under Black Walnut trees. Also called White Baneberry, the white berries persist for four to six weeks in late summer to early fall. Plant it with early-blooming woodland flowers to create season-long interest.
Plant Notes and Herbal Uses
  Berries are toxic
  Sow seed in fall
  Divide in spring
  Water during dry spells
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