Woods Rose, Rosa woodsii

Woods Rose

Rosa woodsii

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Bloom Time: Summer
Hardiness Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Soil Conditions: Clay, Loam, Sand
Soil Moisture: Moist
Color: Pink
Fragrance: Yes
Height: 6 feet
Spacing: 6 feet

Woods Rose, Rosa woodsia, is fast growing rose, often forming nearly dense thickets with a rhizomatous, shallow, and fibrous root system. The stems are gray to reddish brown with straight or slightly curved prickles. Leaves are pinnately compound with 5-7 leaflets and sharply serrated margins; two thorns are at the base of each leaf. Fragrant, single pink flowers in spring on a 3 to 4 foot bush. Flowers occur at the stem tips and are in groups of 1-5 with white to dark rose-colored petals. The berry like fruits (rose hips) are oval to globular, up to ½-inch in diameter, turning bright orange-red to purplish-red in late summer. Inside the hips are several seeds.

Found in a wide variety of habitats including stream banks, mountain foothills, bluffs and even dry grass

 Plant Notes and Herbal Uses
  Drought Tolerant
  Fruit, raw or cooked, are used in making jams, jellies etc.
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