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Aruncus dioicus

Goats Beard (Aruncus dioicus) occurs in moist woodlands and along bluffs. A tall, erect, bushy, clump-forming plant typically growing 4-6 feet high which features pinnately compound, dark green foliage and showy, plume-like spikes of tiny, cream colored flowers which rise well above the foliage i . . .[ . . . more ]

Tephrosia virginiana

Goats Rue (Tephrosia virginiana) is a silky-hairy member of the pea family that typically grows to 1-2 feet tall on upright to sprawling stems. It is native to dry open woods, glades . Compound, odd-pinnate leaves have 14-28 paired oblong leaflets (to 1 inch long by 3/8-inch wide) with one termi . . .[ . . . more ]

Zizia aurea

Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) is a perennial which occurs most often in small colonies in moist woods and meadows, thickets, glades and prairies. Features flat-topped clusters (compound umbels) of tiny yellow flowers in late spring atop stems growing to 3 feet tall. Distinguished from other carr . . .[ . . . more ]

Lobelia siphilitica

Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) or Blue Cardinal Flower, Lobelia siphilitica, typically grows in moist to wet locations along streams, sloughs, springs, swamps, meadows and in low wooded areas. A clump-forming perennial which features light to dark blue, tubular, 2-lipped flowers with th . . .[ . . . more ]

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