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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Arisaema triphyllum

It is a spring woodland wildflower usually growing 1- 2 feet tall. Flower structure consists of the spadix (Jack) which is an erect spike containing numerous, tiny, green to purple flowers and the sheath-like spathe (pulpit) which encases the lower part of the spadix and then opens to form a hood ex . . .[ . . . more ]

Polemonium reptans

Jacobs Ladder or Greek Valerian occurs in rich, moist woods and along streams. Typically grows in a mound to 12 inches tall. Features light blue, bell-shaped flowers in loose, terminal clusters appearing on sprawling, weak stems in mid to late spring. Pinnately compound leaves with oval leaflets . . .[ . . . more ]

Koeleria cristata

June Grass has pale green-silvery colored flowers. Its lower stems are covered with small hair about .5 inches along the stem. The stem is hollow at the bottom of the plant. It is a cool season grass commonly found in sandy soil of dry upland prairies and open woods. June Grass grows straight up, h . . .[ . . . more ]
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