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Liatris ligulistylis

Meadow Blazingstar (Liatris ligulistylis) is an upright, clump-forming perennial that typically grows to 2 feet tall in the wild. It may grow taller in cultivation, particularly if planted in rich, fertile garden soils. It typically occurs in rocky woods, rocky slopes, prairies, and gravel areas . . .[ . . . more ]

Rosa blanda

Meadow Rose (Rosa blanda), Smooth Rose, Wild Rose, or Rrairie Rose is closest to come to a thornless rose, with just a few thorns at the base. The meadow rose occurs as a colony-forming shrub growing to 3.3 feet high, naturally in prairies and meadows. The roses are quite variable, the character . . .[ . . . more ]

Lilium michiganense

Michigan Lily (Lilium michiganense) or Turks Cap Lily occurs in wet meadows, low woods and swampy prairies. Typically grows 2-5 feet tall. Elliptic to lance-shaped, lower leaves (to 4 inches long) are arranged in whorls around the stems. Downward-facing, orange-red flowers (to 3 inches wide) with . . .[ . . . more ]

Eupatorium coelestinum

Mistflower (Eupatorium coelestinum) or Blue Boneset is a late summer to fall-blooming herbaceous perennial. It looks like annual ageratum and in that regard is sometimes commonly called hardy ageratum. But it is perennial and can spread aggressively by rhizomes. It typically grows to 1-2 feet ta . . .[ . . . more ]

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