A Quiz To Test Your Bee Knowledge

1. Are bees warm or cold blooded?

2. How many times per second do bumblebees beat their wings?

3. About how many native species of bumblebee does North America have?

4. Bees belong to which insect order?

5. From what part of the flower do bees collect pollen?

6. Where do most native bee species nest?

7. What color are bees unable to see?

8. Can bees calculate the angles of the earth?

9. How fast can a honey bee fly?

10. How many pairs of wings do bees have?

11. Most female bees can sting how many times?

12. Most male bees can sting how many times?

13. What percentage of the world's bee species make honey?

14. In most bee species, the males mate only once but the females mate many times.?

15. Most female bees spend the majority of their time . . .

16. How many eyes do bees have?

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