A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Bumble Bee Vocabulary

Take this quiz to find out how much you know on Bumble Bee Vocabulary. Test your knowledge on Bumble Bee anatomy, life cycle and behavior with basic vocabulary terms. Answer the following multiple choice questions and then see your score. Better yet, stump your family and friends by asking them to take this quiz.

Match the number of the Bumble Bee Terms to the definitions below.

1. Antenna 8. Honey Sac 15. Pollen Basket
2. Beebread 9. Instar 16. Proboscis
3. Brood 10. Mandible 17. Propolis
4. Cocoon 11. Nectar 18. Pupa
5. Compound Eye 12. Nurse Bee 19. Royal Jelly
6. Egg 13. Ocellus 20. Ventriculus
7. Exoskeleton 14. Pollen 21. Wax Glands
1.      A milky, yellow syrup that is fed to larvae
2.      A mixture of nectar and pollen
3.      A stage of larval development between two molts
4.      A straw-like structure used for sucking nectar or honey
5.      A sweet solution secreted by the glands of plants
6.      Allows a honey bee to see ultraviolet light
7.      Concave surface that hold the pollen in place
8.      Fine, powder-like material produced by the anthers of flowering plants
9.      First stage of life
10.     Four pairs of glands of the worker bee that are specialized parts of the body wall
11.    Nectar stored here will be unloaded into empty hive cells or passed on to house bees for food.
12.     Plant resins that are collected by bees and used to seal cracks and soften rough edges in the hive
13.     Sensory organ involved in taste and smell
14.     Stage that changes into that of an adult
15.     The silk chamber a larva spins around itself
16.     The stomach section in the abdomen which digests food
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