Northern Candinal male and female in winter

A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Cardinals

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Cardinals. One of the most popular birds in Wisconsin, the Northern Cardinal is abundant and it now brightens winter days with its color and its whistled song. Answer the following multiple choice questions and then see your score. Better yet, stump your family and friends by asking them to take this quiz.

1. Cardinal diet consists mainly of ____________

2. The average lifespan of a cardinal is ________ years.

3. Cardinals reach sexual maturity in one year.

4. Baby cardinals are called ____________.

5. Only male cardinals sing.

6. Cardinal mating pattern is _____________.

7. Female cardinals are the primary nest builder.

8. Juvenile cardinals fledge from the nest in about ______ days.

9. Cardinals forage mostly while hopping on ground or in low bushes

10. Cardinal habitat is mainly ____________.

11. Cardinals begin building nests as early as late February.

12. The cardinal male's bright red plumage is thought to result from eating red leaves.

13.Cardinals migrate south during the cold winter months.

14. Male cardinals molt into duller plumage during the summer months.

15. Cardinals are very territorial birds.

16. Cardinals flock together during the ____________ months.

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