A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Caterpillar Anatomy

Take this quiz to find out how much you know on Caterpillar Anatomy. How much do you know about the journey from egg to caterpillar to butterfly? Test your knowledge on caterpillar anatomy by correctly labeling the parts of a caterpillar. Answer the following multiple choice questions and then see your score. Better yet, stump your family and friends by asking them to take this quiz.

Match the letter of the caterpillar anatomy
image to the anatomy label below.

Graphic of catepillar anatomy with labels
1.    Abdomen
2.    Abdominal Prolegs
3.    Anal Prolegs
4.    Head
5.    Ocelli
6.    Setae
7.    Spiracles
8.     Tentacles
9.     Thorax
10.    Thoracic Legs
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