A Quiz To Test Your Garter Snake Knowledge

1. What are garter snakes named for?

2. Where do garter snakes live?

3. Garter snakes are rare.

4. A garter snake's stripes are usually the color of _____________.

5. Which of the following is NOT part of a garter snake's diet?

6. A garter snake's underbelly is the color _____________.

7. Female garter snakes can give birth to as many as _______ snakes

8. What is the average lifespan of a garter snake?

9. A garter snake uses it tongue to seek out potential mates by sensing surrounding temperature.

10. Garter snakes use their _________ organ to detect pheromones from other snakes.

11. Garter snakes typically occupy large communal sites during hibernation.

12. Garter snakes are non-vemomous.

13. Garter snakes give birth to live young.

14. How long does it take for a garter snake to reach sexual maturity?

15. A female garter snake's gestation is about _____________.

16. Garter snakes are normally active during the __________.

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