A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Groundhogs

1. Goundhogs are also know as 'whistle pigs.'

2. What family do groundhogs belong in?

3. During hibernation, groundhogs’ body temperature can drop to:

4. Groundhogs have complex social systems.

5. Groundhogs are mostly ____________.

6. Groundhog hands have ___________________.

7. Groundhog young are called ____________

8. Grounhogs can climb trees.

9. Groundhogs live ______________.

10. How long do groundhogs live?

11. Groundhogs hibernate in the winter.

12. Groundhogs are can NOT swim

13. Groundhogs are dirunal, most active in the early morning and evening.

14. Groundhogs have a keen sense of ______________.

15. The average groundhog is about ___________ inches long (including the tail).

16. If a groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd it means there will be an early spring.

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