A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Honey Bee Drones

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Honey Bee Drones. Drones have the reputation as the “bad boys” of the Honey Bee hive. What do you know about the behavior of the Drone Honey Bee - some of the facts may surpirse you? Answer the following multiple choice questions about drones and then see your score revealed. Better yet, stump your family and friends by asking them to take this quiz.

1. It all starts when the queen lays a fertilized egg to create a Drone bee.

2. Which of the following is NOT true about a Drone bee egg cell?

3. A Drone bee's development through larva a pupa is complete in about ______days.

4. Drones do little around the hive, they don't clean or build honey combs and they help themselves to nectar stores.

5. During mating season with the queen, Drones may fly up _____ miles to form congreations with other drones.

6. Virgin queen honey bees are about 25 days old when they mate.

7. A Drone bee is attracted to a virgin queen bee based on olfactory cues (pheromones).

8. Drone bees are very excited during the mating season and are more likely to sting.

9. During mating, virgin queens inject toxins during sex by biting the Drone bee that causes temporary blindness.

10. A Drone bee has _________ pairs of legs.

11. About ______ percent of Drone bees will get the opportunity to mate with a virgin queen bee.

12. In areas with severe winters, in autumn, Drone bees __________.

13. The average lifespan of a Drone bee is about ________ days.

14. A Drone bees' antenna is NOT capable of detecting _____________.

15. Drone honey bees have 3 eyes on the top of their called ocelli that provide_________.

16. Since Drone bees do not have to forage for pollen, they have smaller wings than worker bees.

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