A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On 'Other' Pollinators

Honey bees, butterflies and birds aren't the only animals that pollinate plants. We often overlook or lump together all other pollinators — beetles, wasps, moths, ants, flies and mosquitoes. These other pollinators play a major role in crop production and they're not as affected by environment changes as bees.

1. The flowers that are visited by ants are NOT ____________.

2. Ants visit flowers to collect ________________.

3. Plants in harsh, drylands seem to rely on ants

4. The process of beetle pollination is called _____________.

5. Beetles gather pollen by defecating in the flower and then rolling around in the flower.

6. Pollinating beetles are searching for ___________.

7. Flies tend to visit flowers _______________.

8. Dung flies visit flowers to seek prey.

9. The normal food for male mosquito is _____________ from plants.

10. Mosquitos tend to favor umbrella shaped plants.

11. Moth caterpillars feed on __________________.

12. A distinction between moths and butterflies of North America is the moths do not have functional mouths and digestive tracts.

13. Nectar-feeding moths usually have tongues that allow them to eat pollen grains.

14. Wasps lack body hairs to pick up pollen grains.

15. Pollen Wasps destroy flowers as they look for nectar.

16. Pollen wasps feed on ______________.

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