A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Praying Mantis

1. How many sets of wings does a praying mantis have?

2. How many antennae does a praying mantis have?

3. Where are the reproduction organs of a praying mantis?

4. A praying mantis can rotate its head 360 degrees.

5. Where are the ultrasonic ears of a praying mantis found?

6. A male praying mantis may kill the female during sexual reproduction?

7. Are praying mantids carnivorous?

8. Praying mantids mate in the summer

9. Approximately how many eggs does a female praying mantis lay?

10. What is the name of the egg case that a female praying mantis creates?

11. A praying mantis has __________ number of eyes.

12. What type of eyes to praying mantids have?

13. Praying mantids primarily eat insects.

14. Female mantids are larger than males.

15. Can a praying mantis change color?

16. The average lifespan of a praying mantis is one year.

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