A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Rabbits And Hares

1. How do rabbits live?

2. How do hares live?

3. How does a rabbit communicate danger?

4. Which of the following is NOT a difference between rabbits and hares?

5. Rabbits sleep with their eyes open.

6. Rabbits have ________ eyelids.

7. A rabbit has ________ degree vision.

8. The reason rabbits grate their teeth is to clean their teeth.

9. Rabbits can run up to _______ miles per hour.

10. A rabbit diet consists of all of the following EXCEPT:

11. Rabbits typically have 4-7 offspring in a litter.

12. Rabbits vision is ____________.

13. The average rabbit lifespan is about _______ years.

14. Baby rabbits are called _______

15. To gain nutrients from undigested food, rabbits will re-ingest droppings to further digest the material.

16. Rabbits have a poor sense of hearing

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