A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On The Red Fox

Wisconsin Pollinators

1. What is a red fox’s preferred food?

2. A red fox can be similar in appearance to a gray fox, but the species can be easily distinguished from one another by their tails.

3. What color fur does a red fox have when it is born?

4. Which of these are the names for baby foxes?

5. How fast can a red fox run?

6. The home of a red fox is called a ___________________.

7. Newborn red fox pups are blind for how long after they are born?

8. Red foxes are most active during the day.

9. What is a group of red foxes called?

10. How many pups are in an average litter for a female red fox?

11. A red fox has droopy, triangular ears.

12. What is the average lifespan of a red fox in the wild?

13. A female fox is called a vixen.

14. Who takes care of the red fox young?

15. Foxes hunt _____________.

16. Foxes have vertically-slit pupils that more closely regulate the amount of light entering the eye.

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