A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge On Plant Roots

1. A plant with a taproot _____________.

2. __________ helps the plant efficiently absorb water and minerals.

3. Roots grow down instead of up because _____________.

4. Which of the follow is NOT true about mycorrhizae

5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the root cap.

6. Root hairs are used for storage of the carbohydrate products of photosynthesis

7. Aerial roots grow from root tissue and may or may not be submerged in the soil.

8. The two main functions of roots are to deliver water and nutrients to the plant or tree and provide an anchor that keeps the plant or tree

9. Root uptake is the process plants use to move nutrients from the leaves to the roots.

10. Phloem is responsible for transporting water produced from photosynthesis from leaves to roots

11. The tip of the root is called _____________.

12. Where does most of a root's growth occur?

13. Which is NOT true about the relationship between the roots of a plant and fungi?

14. Edible vegetables such as potatoes and carrots are actually roots.

15. Succulent is a plant with fleshy, thick tissues adapted to water storage.

16. The acidity and alkalinity levels in the soil dictate which elements are available to hungry plant roots.

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