A Quiz On Tree Leaf Idenfication

Trees are long-lived woody plants have benefits for people, animals — and the entire planet. Trees provide homes for animals and shade for people on hot days. Can you identify commonly-found Wisconsin’s native trees? Answer the following multiple choice questions about the Wisconsin’s trees and then see your score. Better yet, stump your family and friends by asking them to take this quiz.

Match the number of the leaf image
to the tree names below.

Ash Tree Walnut Tree Aspen Tree Cottonwood Tree Locust Tree Beech Tree Elm Tree
Sugar Maple Tree Sumac Tree Cedar Tree Birch Tree Dogwood Tree Oak Tree Willow Tree
1.    Ash
2.    Aspen
3.    Beech
4.    Birch
5.    Cedar
6.    Cottonwood
7.    Dogwood
8.     Elm
9.     Locust
10.    Maple
11.    Oak
12.    Sumac
13.    Walnut
14.    Willow
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