A Quiz To Test Your Turtle Knowledge

1. About how many bones does my shell have?

2. What is the top part of a turtle called?

3. What is the bottom part of a turtle called?

4. Turtles can see at least one color better than human.

5. Turtles can see clearly underwater because they have ____________.

6. Turtles have an outer like similar to humans.

7. Turtles have scent organs under their chins called _________.

8. Female turtles have the ability to store sperm in their bodies which can be used for multiple clutches of eggs.

9. Turtles are endotherms — they can maintain a constant body temperature independent of the environment

10. Which of the following is NOT true about how turtles survive the winter underwater buried in pond mud?

11. Most turtles are _____________.

12. A turtle's shell is a modified rib cage.

13. Turtles give birth to live young.

14. Turtles belong to the classification _____________.

15. Turtle feet are NOT webbed.

16. Turtles don’t have teeth but their jaws and beaks serve a replacement.

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